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JOA_8040Library of Requests #1 and #2

Booklist LOR #1+2: Library of Requests #1+#2


Library of Requests #3 (installation with 34 books) in cooperation with the Library of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the frame of the exhibition DARK ENERGY. Feminist Organizing, Working Collectively. Design: Carolina Frank, construction: Arnold Löschnauer, material: wood, measurements: 1342 x 840 x 420 mm

Booklist LOR #3: Library of Requests #3_booklist


Library of Requests #4 (installation with 34 books), in cooperation with Schwarze Frauen Community, in the exhibition Das Wissen der Kindheit / The Knowledge Potential of Childhood in the frame of the Wiener Festwochen 2019.

In the frame of Wiener Festwochen 2019, the Library of Requests #4 collaborates with the Schwarze Frauen Community (SFC), a self-organization of Black women in Vienna, and focusses on empowering literature for Black kids and youth. Experts from the German-speaking context were asked for recommendations, that foster self-empowerment and the need for diverse and heterogeneous representation. The recommended books were bought and will become part of the library of the Schwarze Frauen Community after the exhibition.

experts: Adjoa Ackwonu (girls group, SFC), Nana-Gyan Ackwonu (social worker and childcare, SFC), Naa Anorkor (Readwheel – the mobile library), Henrie Dennis ( founder of Afro Rainbow Austria – ARA), Njideka Iroh (writer and curator), Philip Khabo Koepsell (spoken word artist, library Each One Teach One Berlin), Abiona Esther Ojo (leader of the youth group, SFC), ManuEla Ritz (writer & trainer, emphasis antiracism and adultism), Sade Stöger (leader of the youth group, SFC), Denise Van De Cruze (community organizer) and the Library of Requests

Booklist LOR #4: Library of Requests #4

Library of Requests #5 as part of the project Grazer Kunstverein moves to the city library that took place on the 28th of February, 2020. In collaboration with local radio host Favour Moriba from Radio Helsinki, Kazeem-Kamiński invites the audience to take part in a collective reading and discussion. The selection of books is made up of titles that speak about the past in the present, books that call attention to residues of colonial violence in the German speaking context, and books that highlight Black artists and Artists of Color from various contexts, with the aim of continuing to challenge amnesia about colonialism. This collection of books will be acquired and added to the Grazer Kunstverein’s ever-expanding library of books (The Members Library, the Elisabeth Printschitz Library, the Ernst Fischer Library and now, the Library of Requests #5). The books will be available throughout the year in the Depot exhibition and workspace, for visitors to peruse and borrow. More books will be added upon request and in collaboration with the artist.

Booklist LOR #5: