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JOA_8040Library of Requests #1 and #2

Booklist LOR #1+2: Library of Requests #1+#2


Library of Requests #3 (installation with 34 books) in cooperation with the Library of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the frame of the exhibition DARK ENERGY. Feminist Organizing, Working Collectively. Design: Carolina Frank, construction: Arnold Löschnauer, material: wood, measurements: 1342 x 840 x 420 mm

Booklist LOR #3: Library of Requests #3_booklist



Library of Requests #4 (installation with 34 books), in cooperation with Schwarze Frauen Community, in the exhibition Das Wissen der Kindheit / The Knowledge Potential of Childhood in the frame of the Wiener Festwochen 2019.

In the frame of Wiener Festwochen 2019, the Library of Requests #4 collaborates with the Schwarze Frauen Community (SFC), a self-organization of Black women in Vienna, and focusses on empowering literature for Black kids and youth. Experts from the German-speaking context were asked for recommendations, that foster self-empowerment and the need for diverse and heterogeneous representation. The recommended books were bought and will become part of the library of the Schwarze Frauen Community after the exhibition.

experts: Adjoa Ackwonu (girls group, SFC), Nana-Gyan Ackwonu (social worker and childcare, SFC), Naa Anorkor (Readwheel – the mobile library), Henrie Dennis ( founder of Afro Rainbow Austria – ARA), Njideka Iroh (writer and curator), Philip Khabo Koepsell (spoken word artist, library Each One Teach One Berlin), Abiona Esther Ojo (leader of the youth group, SFC), ManuEla Ritz (writer & trainer, emphasis antiracism and adultism), Sade Stöger (leader of the youth group, SFC), Denise Van De Cruze (community organizer) and the Library of Requests

Booklist LOR #4: Library of Requests #4