Library of Requests I + II



Library of Requests I + II (2016, ongoing) is a two-part installation that was conceptualized for the exhibition „Anticolonial Fantasies. Decolonial Strategies“ curated by Imayna Caceres, Sunanda Mesquita, and Sophie Utikal. The starting point was an installation that encouraged Black students and students of color, to name books and films that they use for their work and in their daily interactions at the university. In the next step and with the financial aid of the library of the Academy of Fine Arts all the 50 books and films listed were bought and shown on display for two weeks. After that, they became part of the university‘s library.

The Library of Requests reconfigures itself, depending on location and context.

next stop: DUNKLE ENERGIE feministisch organisieren, kollektiv arbeiten und Organisation, curated by Julia Wieger, Nina Höchtl, Andrea Haas, Veronique Boilard (xhibit), March 2019


Images: © Joanna Pianka